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Our blend of cutting-edge technology and user-driven design make reporting much easier and quicker for you and your employees. More than 300 law enforcement agencies in the country rely on Optimum’s RMS. SWIFTPROTECT evolved from LE-suggested enhancements and upgrades to the crown jewel of Optimum RMS software.


Analytics Mapping


Property Room


SWIFTPROTECT gives your agency the flexibility to configure the property room EXACTLY the way you handle evidence. From identifying and naming temporary and permanent storage locations, to defining the capacity and types of property the storage locations can handle, SWIFTPROTECT ensures that there are no unnecessary workflows or fields for your digital property needs. Transferring, checking out/in
or releasing property can all be done with mobile smartphones, and the RMS tracks a digital chain of custody for the lifecycle of each piece
of property.

SWIFTPROTECT’S property room conforms to your agency. You can customize temporary and permanent storage locations, place restrictions on property location to only allow certain types of property, and notify the property room manager when a location is full.
You can easily configure Optimum’s property room module for temporary and permanent storage regardless of the number of property
room locations.

Property Room


Our RMS application is field-proven, intuitive and user friendly. It boasts a single-page design for incident entry, making it easy for police officers to complete reports. Built on the latest Microsoft technologies, Optimum’s web-based solution can be hosted at agency locations or by Optimum in the Microsoft® Azure® Government Cloud.

Our RMS is CJIS,  NIBRS,  NIEM and N-DEx compliant, as are all of our solutions.

Data Collection. Case management. Geo-analytics tool for crime mapping. Our RMS is fully responsive and flexible for your needs.

We picked the brains of law enforcement officers to develop the most robust and efficient RMS tool in the LE software industry.


  • Developed with patrol officers’ and detectives’ input
  • Delivers incident data and capabilities to any mobile device
  • Solution simplifies officer reporting
  • Flexible, scalable, easy to maintain
  • Only displays the information officers need to capture
  • Highly configurable
  • Web-based: can be installed on your network

Case Management:

Fully integrated, comprehensive case management (module). Investigators can link multiple reports to a single case. Includes leads tracking, case expense tracking, relationship entity diagrams, unlimited case attachments, global report clearance functionality, investigator narratives and global search functionality with a user dashboard to track report activity.

Admin Center:

Easily manage and configure the RMS to meet your agency’s needs. It’s highly flexible. You set agency preferences, configure security roles and profiles, create users, and manage fields, codes and preferences. You set up the configuration for incident reports. You create different values for drop-down menus. You set up agencies’ NIBRS configurations here.

Intelligence Reports:

This module collects information from a variety of sources involving illegal drug activity, missing persons, human trafficking, terrorism and others, and centralizes the reporting of those tips.

Incident Reports:

Our solution gives you the power to manage incident reports. Simply toggle a switch to utilize supplemental reports for follow-up incident work.

Property Room:

SWIFTPROTECT has a fully customizable property room—barcode scanning, digital signature chain and digital chain of custody, including signature, tracks entire lifecycle of property. Allows property to be quickly impounded, tracked, transferred and audited.

Optimum Technology RMS History

We were the first vendor to certify a NIBRS-compliant records management system in the State of Ohio. Ohio is the flagship state for our products. A version of our RMS is hosted by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and used by approximately 300 law enforcement agencies in Ohio with 7,000 users. It is the largest RMS implementation in the state.


SWIFTPROTECT keeps officers informed, safe, and a step ahead of crime. Data input is easy and intuitive, while quick access to analytics helps officers solve crimes and prevent future ones. With our mobile-ready solution, officers always have access to crime-fighting data insights. SWIFTPROTECT is also CJIS compliant and NIBRS ready.


Crime solving and prevention

  • Master Name Index with sophisticated thesaurus helps match names
  • Analytic reports, geo-analytics, and mapping dashboard advance investigations and support proactive policing
  • Tools help administrators evaluate solvability factors and meet CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) standards and community expectations
  • Alert Module warns officers about potential danger


Easy and accurate reporting

  • Form-based data entry, driver's license reader interface, address lookup, and other functions minimize data input
  • Intuitive input and information flow promote complete and accurate reporting of field interviews, incidents, and more
  • Upload photos, images, videos, witness statements, and other evidence files with ease
  • Bar code property and evidence, and generate audits of property room content
  • Validation and help features support accurate NIBRS reporting and Clery compliance
  • Manage workflow with personalized dashboards
  • Comprehensive data guides resource management and decision making


Flexible and affordable platform

  • Created using modern technologies to keep pace with new enhancements and changing standards
  • Choice of cloud-based or hosted implementation
  • License as individual agency or as state or region for unlimited users. Optional sharing of data across agencies
  • Export data to statewide information sharing networks including Fusion centers

Key Benefits

Quick access

Lets officers write reports and access data rapidly

Mobile-ready solution

Frees up patrol to spend more time on the streets.

Intuitive interface

Makes data input and access easy, fast, and accurate.

Flexible platform

Lets you customize SWIFTPROTECT to fit the needs of your department and each individual user without the expense of a custom implementation.

Intelligent design

Supports requirements for NIBRS reporting and Clery compliance.

Affordable implementation models

Includes hosting and sharing by multiple agencies, giving you options that suit your budget and technology resources.

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